Molecular Programming of Lung Disease (MPLD)

Experimentelle Pneumologie

Perinatal Programming defines the process by which environmental factors, such as oxygen mechanical ventilation or nutrition, determine the long-term physiology, structure and function of an organ. Lung development begins during fetal period and alveolarization, the final stage, extends into young adulthood, resulting in formation of alveoli and expansion of the lung surface. Our research group Translational Experimental Pediatrics – Experimental Pulmonology focusses on the impact of mechanical ventilation and oxygen as well as maternal obesity on the early origin of lung disease.

  • Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) affects more than 20% of preterm born infants and leads to long-term pulmonary changes persisting beyond adolescence. While oxygen supply, mechanical ventilation and nutritive support offer life-saving treatments to these patients, they also disrupt crucial processes in lung development and induce perinatal Programming of lung diseases. CLD is characterized by defective formation of alveoli, bronchi and micro-vessels coupled with fibroproliferative processes. The molecular mechanisms directing alveolarization and pulmonary angiogenesis, however, to promote regeneration and develop preventive/therapeutic strategies remain elusive.
  • Childhood obesity is a growing health and socioeconomic problem. Prior studies of our group have shown that early postnatal overweight is intimately linked with an asthma-like phenotype. Metabolic influences, e.g. maternal obesity, during a critical window of lung development can lead to long-term impaired lung structure and function, predisposing for chronic lung diseases, such as bronchial asthma (metabolic programming). Our group is currently investigating the impact of maternal obesity on the origin of bronchial asthma and the crosstalk of adipose tissue and lung.

The overall objective of the Alcazar Lab is to investigate the molecular mechanisms that direct normal lung development and to elucidate novel signal mediators regulating lung growth and regenerative capacity.

To this end, we not only use experimental animal models of dietary intervention (e.g. high fat diet) and neonatal hyperoxia, but also a unique animal model of mechanical ventilation-induced lung injury of the newborn mouse, established in collaboration with Prof. Richard Bland (Stanford University), a pioneer in neonatal CLD, and lung function testing. Primary cell culture serves as an in vitro model to study the impact of hyperoxia and cell stretch on important signaling pathways regulating survival and differentiation of cells. To achieve a translation and improve the clinical outcome of children we established a close collaboration with the Department of Pulmonology and the Department of Neonatology.

With our research we not only aim to get a profound understanding of the mechanisms that drive lung growth and are disrupted in CLD, but also to develop novel strategies to improve the clinical management of preterm infants.

Current projects

Mechanisms and therapeutic strategies to treat bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)

  • Molecular mechanisms of alveolar and microvascular formation in ventilation- and oxygen-induced neonatal lung injury
  • Maintenance  of  the alveolar regenerative after acute lung injury
  • Identification of novel therapeutic approaches to treat BPD

Perinatal metabolic origin of lung disease

  • Maternal obesity and metabolic programming of lung structure and function
  • Impact of metabolism on the pathogenesis of cardiopulmonary and renal diseases

The Team

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dr. nat. med. Miguel A. Alejandre Alcázar

Centina Kuiper-Makris, M.D.
Dr. med. Robert Körner
Dr. nat. med. Jasmine Mohr
Dr. rer. nat. Jaco Selle
Jan-Christoph Thomassen
Dharmesh Hirani, M.Sc., Ph.D. Student
Vanessa Jentgen, cand. vet. med.
Rebecca Brückner, Studienassistenz, KIRA-Studie [Deutsches Zentrum für Lungenforschung (DZL)]
Christina Vohlen, Biologielaborantin
Rebecca Wilke, Biologisch technische Assisistentin

Publications since 2012

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